“It is the most comprehensive training geared specifically towards Hispanic women that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. The quality of leaders in the room is remarkable. I feel as if I am among the future ministerial leaders of the world.”  - LLI second year student

“The Latina Leadership conference has been an awesome experience! The institute focuses on empowering women leaders to find their gift, their passion in ministry, and help change the world through Christ’s word.”  - LLI first year student

“Every woman needs to hear the information presented in the Latina Leadership classes. However, the Institute cannot reach all these women. The benefit of the LLI is that it is training women to go and train other women who in turn will train other women. Through these trainings, the Latina Leadership Institute will continue reaching many more women who will reach their full potential in ministry. The Gospel will be heard all over the world; women like to talk.” -  LLI third year student

“I am so thankful I was able to attend LLI for my 2nd year. I learned so much. Each class/session offered great information and real life examples I could hardly wait to see and hear what God had to say next! I received his direction for my Master’s level work. Thank you for having.”  -  LLI second year student

“I have received a very special gift that has touched my heart from Latina Leadership. That gift was how to be a woman who can empower her children, family, and friends. I found myself to be a woman who knows who she is in Christ and has no doubt it!”
LLI first year student

“This program has challenged me to desire a deeper relationship with God. I’ve had to think long and hard about what my beliefs are and now I intend to search further into what I am being taught. Lastly, I am ever grateful for the time away from the busyness of life to really examine my purpose in ministry. This has been an experience that all women should go through.”  -  LLI first year student

“I thank God for the LLI experience. I am being empowered to become a powerful leader. There are not many organizations focused on Latina women. I am excited to be part of this Institute.” - LLI First Year Student 

“The instructors were there to teach me, so that I could teach others and continue the leadership cycle.”  - LLI First Year Student)

“Latina Leadership challenges us to know more about our culture and ourselves. We also learn to depend on God and let him guide our lives.” - LLI Second Year Student
“This is a great opportunity for Latina women. You really empowered us in such a special way. Thank you for being able to do this program and for accepting people like me.” - LLI Second Year Student